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Future Foundations run community programs that bring together young people from disadvantaged areas with artistic and business professionals who provide mentoring and support in the communities where the young people live.


Future Foundations is heavily reliant on the work of mentors who provide their time and invaluable experience to our programs. The mentors make a profound difference on the lives of the program participants and help them through any barriers they face during the program.


The program will be created so that the individuals from the business become mentors for a group of young people for the duration of the community project. The individuals from the company in the program will receive training and have support through a buddy system with existing or past mentors.

Making a Difference

There are many ways to get involved with Future Foundations and make a difference to the lives of young people and their communities. These options are outlined below.

About Us

Future Foundations is a recognised charity

Founded in early 2011 and committed to empowering the lives of disadvantaged young people through a community program, combining creative and personal mentoring. Future Foundations is unique in that it partners the arts and the business community applying a dual mentor approach. Participants finish the program with new and enhanced creative and life skills and the confidence to achieve their goals. Our current program is now underway. Visit our community programs page for more information. For weekly updates on the activities of Future Foundations and our programs visit our blog.

Our Board

"Children and young people are our future, their ideas and vision will shape the future of Australia and the world. Our lessons to them are usually on what not to do, how to get ahead, ambition and career focus, rather than how young people can positively influence our communities. From my own personal experience, I know the impact that thinking and self belief can have on an individual and their ability to achieve their dreams. Thoughts and ideas can become reality provided there is support, belief and resilience." - Angela Perry, Founder
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Angela Perry

Executive Director & Founder
Angela Perry is a qualified English Barrister and Australian Solicitor and has over 17 years of business experience, eight of those as a Senior Manager or in Executive roles.
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David Rothstadt

Non-Executive Director
David Rothstadt is the Principal at Noble Park Primary School and has spent most of his career working with diverse communities.
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Michael Langtree

Non-Executive Director
Michael has a long history working within the Vocational Education and Training and employment services industries, spanning a variety of organizations across the private, government and not-for-profit sectors.
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Anthony Noakes

Non-Executive Director
Anthony is an experienced general manager with broad global experience through a number of senior commercial and supply chain roles in the consumer goods industry.
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Sandy McDonald

Non-Executive Director
Sandy is a facilitator, clarity and communications coach, author and speaker.


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