A mentors experience – Elena

People have different perceptions of what being a mentor is about. It’s not about training or achieving a specific goal but a journey into the unknown. It is about exploration and growth. For both the mentor and the mentee!

Being a mentor in the Future Foundations program last year was a fantastic experience. The program lasted for 8 months, and focused on the participants producing a piece of art. However, what we were really aiming for is to change the realities of the children involved. I could never have imagined the magnitude of that change! At first, the children were shy and unsure of what to expect of their mentors or how to communicate with us. It was amazing to spend time with the children, see them coming out of their shell, becoming more confident and more trusting, ready to face new challenges and build new relationships between themselves and us as mentors. The exhibition at Federation Square at the end of the program fully exposed how much the children achieved, how much more confident they had become, ready to show the world that they will continue to expand beyond their boundaries.

When you are helping others to overcome their challenges you discover a lot about yourself too. I have come out a better person after this experience. I know a person can change their life but often they need a helping hand and reassurance. Being able to provide that support to children is very rewarding.

I would recommend becoming a mentor to anyone who has an interest in making a positive impact to a young person’s life. It is an extremely rewarding experience for all involved.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, Future Foundations is starting it’s 2015 program soon and is looking for both creative and business mentors. For more information, visit the Becoming a mentor pageof our website.

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