A successful team building event

Last Saturday the Future Foundation mentors and participants had a team building event at Noble Park Primary School in Dandenong.

The day started with games to break and ice and get everyone relaxed and comfortable. Everyone then took part in the first creative exercise so that everyone could get into creative mode! The exercise involved asking a series of questions to get us thinking such as ‘What is very special and unique about you?’, ‘What would you like to have as your magic gadget?’ and ‘What would you like to create in your world?’. We had some very creative answers and discussions involving magic carpets and wands, angel wings, cool flying devices, amazing buildings and other structures, and even pots of gold and diamonds!

The next part of the day began with cooking, which was lots of fun! Everyone did an outstanding job playing chef with lots of tasty food including chicken nuggets, pizzas, chicken rolls, fruit salad, and even rumballs! Yum!

To finish up the day all our mentors did a ninja run at the playground with an easy win for the mentees.

The day was an important event in the Future Foundations program calendar as it provides valuable team and trust building between the mentors and mentees – an essential part of a successful mentoring relationship.

For more information about the program, visit our website.

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