A film making success

fiml-5-300x200 The final creative skills workshop before our participants start on their art projects was film making run by Rahul Prasad.

Each of the participants spent time understanding how to use a camera and the film making process.  They learned the theory behind film making and practiced skills such as how to frame and focus a shot.




film-6-300x200Each group created a one to three minute clip using their newly developed skills. The group edited the clips together giving them an insight into the editing process. See the clip below for the final product!

It was a really fun day with all the participants fully engaged and interested in what they were learning, which is great to see.

The next workshop will get the participants focusing on choosing their their individual art projects and we can’t wait to see what ideas they come up with!


Edited clip by paticipants:


Future Foundations from Angela Perry on Vimeo.

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