2016 Future Foundations Creative Workshops Exhibition


Future Foundations is a recognised charity founded in early 2011. We are committed to empowering the lives of young people through community arts programs and creative mentoring. Participants complete the program with new and enhanced creative and life skills and the confidence to achieve their goals.

The 2016 Future Foundations Creative Workshops Exhibition presents the art works of seven participants from Noble Park and Dandenong West Primary Schools, ranging from colourful canvases, mask, dance, animation and multimedia. Participants have their own individual creative visions and stories, which they have brought to life with the guidance and support of volunteer Creative Mentors from their local communities. The works are the culmination of 15 weeks of creative workshops, in which the participants learnt new creative skills, and were given the freedom to explore and express their artistic ideas. The final art works in this Exhibition are inventive, thought provoking and personal reflections of each participant.

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