January 11, 2016

Our Board

Founder’s message

“Children and young people are our future, their ideas and vision will shape the future of Australia and the world.  Our lessons to them are usually on what not to do, how to get ahead, ambition and career focus, rather than how young people can positively influence our communities. From my own personal experience, I know the impact that thinking and self belief can have on an individual and their ability to achieve their dreams. Thoughts and ideas can become reality provided there is support, belief and resilience. 

I have personally worked with children and mentored them for over 13 years. It wasn’t always possible to see where I might be making a profound lasting difference to these young people in the programs I was involved in and that is where the idea for Future Foundations started.

Future Foundations has became a reality through the amazing support from colleagues and contacts. 

Thoughts can become reality if you dare to dream”.



Our Board

Angela Perry, Executive Director & Founder

angelaAngela Perry is a qualified English Barrister and Australian Solicitor and has over 17 years of business experience, eight of those as a Senior Manager or in Executive roles. For the last 5 years, she has been a host through Interchange Northern, where she cares for a mentally disabled young person. Angela has mentored disadvantaged teenagers in a NSW school and taught English to newly arrived refugees in Melbourne. Angela is the Chair of Employee Ownership Australia and New Zealand and is also a Life Coach and a Film Producer. Angela is also a member of the Prime Minister’s Community and Business Partnership Committee.

David Rothstadt, Non-Executive Director

davidDavid Rothstadt is the Principal at Noble Park Primary School and has spent most of his career working with diverse communities. For some years now the school has worked with the Center for Relational Learning (New Mexico, USA) to progress the agenda of building communities to support the learning of students. His school supports students from more than thirty six nationalities which is a challenge he welcomes and creates many opportunities to explore creative responses to the needs of the families. He has co-authored a publication ‘Creating Powerful Learning Relationships. A whole School Community Approach’. David is interested in how school communities and local and global organisations can partner to benefit one another, so the broader community can enjoy the reciprocity of supporting its youth.David has visited schools in Asia and the USA gaining international perspectives, he holds a degree in Sociology and a graduate diploma in Educational Administration.

Michael Langtree, Non-Executive Director

michael2Michael has a long history working within the Vocational Education and Training and employment services industries, spanning a variety of organizations across the private, government and not-for-profit sectors. Over the past 6 years he has held senior management roles and consulted with businesses to provide critical analysis and strategic advice to assist organisations in navigating the evolving landscape of the VET sector. His experience incorporates the leadership of:

  • Contract Management
  • RTO Operational Management
  • Tender Development
  • Business Performance
  • Data Management

Michael is also a Director of BAWM Group Pty Ltd and IE Directions.

Anthony Noakes, Non-Executive Director

anthonyAnthony is an experienced general manager with broad global experience through a number of senior commercial and supply chain roles in the consumer goods industry. Anthony is currently National Sales Manager at Schweppes Australia where he leads Schweppes’ dealings with the major grocery retailers in Australia. Prior to working in FMCG, Anthony specialized in mergers & acquisitions advice within investment banks in London and Sydney. Anthony is actively involved in the mentoring of at risk young people in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Law as well as an MBA from INSEAD.

Sandy McDonald, Non-Executive Director

Sandy is a facilitator, clarity and communications coach, author and speaker. After 22 years of running a successful marketing communications company, Sandy used intentional blogging to start and build a vast global community that works to help children orphaned in Africa. As CEO of CreateCare Global, she continues this work today. Sandy’s TEDx talk, ‘Tell Your Story, Save A Life’, for which she received a standing ovation, is based on this experience and explains how story can enrich, change or even save lives. Her book, ‘Get it right online’, details the framework to do this. Now Sandy speaks about the power of clarity to define a business’s purpose and principles and how that works to inform their culture, future and the key messages to support that. She also helps businesses bring clarity of intention into their complex on and offline world through facilitation and coaching programs.

Antony McMullen, Non-Executive Director

Antony is committed to strengthening civil society to advance the common good of all. He is a co-operatives expert specialising in enterprise, policy and communication areas. He currently consults to Employee Ownership Australia and New Zealand in member support and media, as well as various Christian organisations, engaging in social policy development and advocacy and organisational development work. Previous roles include student union president, community legal centre chairperson, union delegate and community services agency director. He is a qualified community development and social impact practitioner. Antony currently serves as chair of Boroondara Community Outreach that provides service and support to people with a mental illness in his local area, and is a vice chair of the Victoria Day Council & Association that awards Victorian of the Year, and has newly joined the board of Future Foundations. He is the inaugural Chancellor of the 888 Antipodean Order of Froth Blowers Co-operative (think craft brewing for social good) and is the founder of the first cooperative co-working space in Melbourne (to be officially launched and registered as a co-operative in the second half of 2017).