January 11, 2016

Past Program Participants

Each participant of last year’s program (2013) created a piece of art, which was displayed at Fed Square. We had four great participants who flourished under the direction of both creative and personal mentors throughout the eight month program.


Ephraim chose to use origami as the method to create his art piece. He created a 400 fold origami dragon using experimental material.






Shakib chose paint as his medium. His art piece consisted of a painting of a large bird and also did live drawing at the exhibition.






bridgetBridget had a strong interest in creating masks. She created the idea that animals were the humans and humans were the pets of the animals. She showed her concept at the exhibition through humans wearing animal masks.





hannahHannah has a love for dance and song and performed a song and dance routine on stage as a kangaroo.





All of the participants did a great job with their chosen art and went above and beyond the expectations of their mentors, parents and teachers to produce a fantastic exhibition with their new skills and growing confidence.