January 11, 2016

Support Us

There are a number of ways you can become involved with Future Foundations. Whether you are an organisation who cares about their community and want to get involved, or an individual simply wanting to use your creative and personal skills for a good cause, we provide opportunities for you and/or your staff to get involved.

For an individual, please visit our  Become a Mentor page.


Your organisation can get involved by:

  • Providing the opportunity for your staff to become mentors in our program
  • Sponsor Future Foundations program or sponsor a child to participate in our program

Sponsor and mentor benefits:

  • Be a part of a project that makes a profound difference to the people within your community
  • Through sponsoring a child, you will make a profound difference to that child’s life, enabling more children to participate
  • If you’re an organisation who encourages your staff to volunteer, you will enhance their skills and capacity, which they will bring back to their workplace
  • Through sponsoring us, you will raise your organisation’s brand awareness within your community
  • Be an active participant in your community, with a better understanding of the community in which you live

Contact us to discuss sponsorship or partnering with us.


Thank you to our wonderful supporters and volunteers