FUTURE FOUNDATIONS – Putting Young People on Solid Ground and Helping them to Fly

iStock_first-meeting-150x150 Welcome to Future Foundations very first blog!

In a few months from now, a group of young people who come from what is commonly called ‘at risk’ backgrounds, will be part of a public art outcome.

They will have worked on this piece of art together, every Saturday, for eight months with the support of a creative director who’ll help them with the tricky bits.

They’ll have gone on art tours of Dandenong, where they live, and toured Melbourne’s fine national galleries and art spaces.

And they’ll have gotten themselves some handy business skills thanks to the time they’ll have spent with a bunch of business people who think kids need a practical tool kit if they’re to succeed in life.

At the end of the eight months of creativity and learning, our participants will have an public art outcome at two locations.

These amazing young people are the first kids Future Foundations is working with and we are not only proud, but excited, a bit nervous, and 100 percent committed to helping to fly.

 This is it, kids!

So, wow, here we are.

You’re reading words that have taken over two years to write, and even though Future Foundations is giving kids a solid footing in life, I can honestly say I’m walking on air!

I think it’s safe to say we’re Melbourne’s newest not-for-profit organisation, and wholly devoted to giving ‘at risk’ kids the support, tools and skills to shine.

Our approach is deceptively simple. We give kids the opportunity to explore their creative spirits and learn from business mentors to open up a world of opportunities.

Importantly, our young pioneers are encouraged to lead the way, and so far their energy and enthusiasm is infectious!

Ready for take-off

This is our first blog, but we’ve already celebrated a few milestones.

Myself and Karen Butler our Creative Director headed along to Noble Park Primary School a few weeks ago where we finally met our first participants, and I’m not above admitting we were really nervous; we were well aware that far from us selecting them, we were the ones being selected.

Their teachers asked our three young ‘Future Founders’ to join us because of their passion for creativity, from dance and movement, to the more contemplative such drawing and origami.

Even though myself and the Future’s team believe in what we’re doing, I was still totally floored by the how quickly the energy in the room grew as Karen and I explained the program.

Young people can be brutally honest so our main job will be to keep them inspired and engaged. But by the time we were trading contact details you could practically feel the artistic sparks flying.

In fact, one individual already has his sights set on a career in the arts and I have a dream that in years to come he’ll look back on 2013 as a turning point in his life.

Wheels up, we’re in flight

I’m still collecting my thoughts on everything that’s happened since we meet our first three participants.

I’ve been a lawyer for over twenty years and getting Future Foundations up and running has taken over two years of late nights, questions, nerves and a lot of coffee and spread sheets. But nothing was really, well, real until we met our first participants.

That day, in that school, was the turning point; I can barely believe how quickly Future Foundations has taken off.

Our participating schools, and incredible partners Heritage Hill Museum and Federation Square will have a year to remember and it’ll be because of these participants.

Sure we may run into turbulence but you know what? No matter where they come from, all kids all capable of shining beautifully and brightly.

We hope you enjoy the flight! We’ll be back with more soon.

Angela Perry,

Founder and Executive Director, Future Foundations.

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